A lot of free space for your production processes on the ground. The floor conveyor is particularly beneficial in the surface coating sector for transporting small to medium loads.

It meets the highest quality demands, allows free handling for robot applications and guarantees pollution-free transport. Special guide rails allow for the necessary repeat accuracy for the automatic painting process. Passive and active rotary units ensure the correct orientation for the coating. The track layout of the floor conveyor is also not visible as it is enclosed in an underground channel.

variable - Diverse system layout

The climbing ability, short stack distance, rotary stations up to 360 degrees, infeed and outfeed points and buffer sections make the floor conveyor extremely adaptable – like the ceiling-mounted Power & Free conveyor systems.

flexible - Tailor-made for the production process

The special chain circuits of the floor conveyor serve different process areas. The frequency-controlled drive enables different speeds. Using colour change control, night mode switching or other special functions, the intelligent conveyor system makes your production easier.

cost-saving - Low maintenance

A robust, oil-free universal joint chain and the simple, tried and tested mechanics of the floor conveyor ensure a long service life with low maintenance.  

high-quality - Very smooth running

The chains of the floor conveyor with small chain pitch ensure steady and smooth transport of the materials to be conveyed - favourable for the continuous coating process.