Perfectly suitable for all tasks, performing at a rate of 200 to 400 pallets an hour. This inverted electric monorail system will transport your materials virtually noise-free to the desired location.

Rapid and flexible electric monorail systems from Schierholz are in high demand whenever intralogistics require high a degree of efficiency and availability and this holds true especially for the food industry. Conveying up to 400 pallets an hour, the Electric Monorail System type 645-1, as a single-pallet system, for example, is perfect for mastering demanding processes. Specific movement strategies or the 645-2 two-pallet system can be used to meet even higher performance requirements. The new Inverted Electric Monorail System EBB 545 presents an economical and high-performance solution for all other intralogistics sectors. It has been designed for transporting up to 400 pallets per hour, merely requiring a transfer height as low as 500 mm with an attached carrying-chain conveyor.

High-performance: rapid and powerful

A maximum speed of up to 150 metres a minute combined with fast acceleration enable the virtually noise-free transport of payloads exceeding 1,200 kilograms.  The track switch is installed on the floor; building a pit is not required

Low: perfect transfer height

A transfer height of merely 500 mm is required by the inverted electric monorail system with a carrying-chain conveyor attached. The height requirement of 500 mm is maintained even with track switches integrated in the course of the track.

Flexible: from rapid speed to heavy loads

From high speed and fast acceleration to heavy loads – the two-rail system enables flexible configuration of the inverted electric monorail system

Precise: accurate to the millimetre and second

Intelligent technologies enable the quiet and reliable transport of your materials to the correct location and exact position.