Power & Free Conveyor Technology

For challenging material flows.  Equipped with a strong chain of success, our various Power & Free conveyor systems offer the highest degree of flexibility for different transport tasks in production and logistics - for both light and heavy materials to be conveyed.

Using track switches, the transport material can change chain circuits within the Power & Free conveyor system. In this way, delivery rates are separated or merged again as required. Track stops separate the free carriers of the conveyor chain and create buffer areas for material storage, loading and unloading points or handling spaces.

long-lasting - High availability for years

Endurance tests and component tests guarantee a long service life of the reliable Power & Free conveyor system. A special calculation program for the chain force reduces wear and optimally positions the drive within the transport chain.

robust - for extreme conditions

High temperatures, dirt, moisture – Power & Free conveyor technology from Schierholz has also proven itself under extreme conditions. It is ideal for all sectors, not just for surface technology. It is also available with a stainless steel design.

variable - Diverse system layout

Our Power & Free conveyor technology connects all stations from production to assembly and finally to dispatch. The system is as flexible as possible and can be used for practically every conveying path.

high-performance - Ascending sections up to 90 degrees

Power & Free conveyor technology can easily master ascending and descending sections of up to 90 degrees – in some cases a cheaper alternative to vertical transfer devices.