Particularly efficient: In surface coating and other industrial production processes, the space available for conveyor systems is a decisive cost factor. In particular the transport of materials up to 20 meters long requires a lot of space. The shuttle technology efficiently ensures a high level of space-saving transport through the production process due to the possibility of a transverse as well as a longitudinal displacement of the transported materials. A fast transverse displacement is achieved by using displacement racks. Loads from a few kilograms up to 100 tonnes can thus be transported in a confined space.

Space-saving - less space, reduced costs

A contribution to cost minimisation: The new shuttle conveyor technology saves space with maximum flexibility through the transverse and longitudinal displacement of the transported materials. Equipped with drives and displacement racks, it transports materials up to 20 metres long through the production process in a very confined space.

Scalable - meeting a wide range of requirements

From a few kilograms to 100 tonnes: The new shuttle system can be adapted to the requirements of a wide variety of transported materials, which can vary according to size and weight. This allows a wide range of different transported materials to pass through the production process.

Powerful - also for high weight classes

Horizontal and vertical: The robust shuttle conveyor technology transports materials weighing up to 100 tonnes effortlessly and safely through the entire production process - even vertically thanks to the integration of powerful vertical transfer devices.

Low-maintenance - high availability for years

Few spare parts, low operating costs: Equipped with only a small number of functional elements, the maintenance effort for the new shuttle conveyor technology is low. Lubrication of the rails is also not necessary.